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Spring Animal Care Class-Butterflies and Chicks!

  • Gilchrist Farm 30116 Bouquet Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA, 91390 United States (map)

In this special 5 week class, come to the Gilchrist Farm and learn how to take care of chickens, ducks, peacocks, turkeys, pigs, goats, and horses.  Each class will focus on an animal or a group of animals for a close up look and feel - feed the animals, brush the animals, gather the eggs, milk a goat, groom a horse, and learn what caring for animals is all about.  

In this special Spring version of the class, students will be watching caterpillars transform into butterflies and will incubate/hatch chicks!  Butterfly release will take place during our Spring Fling on March 31!

Appropriate for all ages with parent. $25 per class or $115 for the series of 5.   An additional 10% discount for siblings or enrollment in multiple classes or lessons (call or email for the discount code). 

For the spring series, this class is offered Mondays 10-11 AM beginning February 26 , Tuesdays 12-1PM beginning February 27 or Wednesdays 5-6PM beginning February 28.

Class 1. All About Goats- While our goats are getting ready to have goat babies we'll trim goat hooves, do some grooming and hair trimming to prep them for the spring, spend time petting and learning about different breeds, housing, food, habits, horns and more!

Class 2. Chickens! -During this class we'll gather eggs from three pens, visit and learn about chicks and chickens and we'll put the eggs into the incubator-setting up for a hatch during week 5.  We'll peek at the eggs, check on their progress and discuss their development in subsequent classes.

Class 3. In the Garden! We'll learn about gardening and how the garden works at the farm.  Children will get to pick some weeds to feed to the animals (they'll feed the goats, bunnies, ducks, tortoise, chickens) and they will get to plant some seeds.  We'll learn about planting for butterflies and we'll get to know our caterpillars, which we'll check on weekly as they develop.  We'll learn a lot about butterflies.

Class 4. This Little Piggy...We'll get up close and personal with our pot bellied pigs and our several breeds of hogs.  We'll learn about the habits and happenings of pigs!  And bunnies.  We'll meet and greet our bunnies and learn how to take care of bunnies.

Class 5. Hatching and Morphing!  By class 5, we should have some hatching happening from the eggs we incubated.  Our butterflies will have or will be emerging! goats should be hopping around.  We'll focus on chicks, hatching and butterflies emerging during this class.  We'll visit with the peacocks, who should be strutting their spring time best!  

Everyone who participates in this series is invited to join us on Saturday, March 31 during our Egg Hunt and Spring Fling to participate in our butterfly release at noon!  The kids will get to release the butterflies they watched transform during the class into the butterfly garden and the wild!

Spring Series Animal Care Class
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