Horse Boarding and Leasing 

If you have a horse of your own...we offer your horse a home and you a home away from home to enjoy time with your best equine friend.  Gilchrist Farm is an active, fun,  family owned and operated barn.  We have two areanas, a round pen, turn outs, restroom, tack rooms, wash racks, beautiful trails nearby and a wonderful group of people to share your love of horses.  

Barn offerings

  • Large arena
  • Smaller sand arena
  • Turn outs
  • Round pen
  • Beautiful trails nearby
  • Services available (grooming, turnout, etc)
  • Restroom for boarders
  • Barn
  • Tack rooms
  • Wash racks
  • Active lesson program

We feed alfalfa,alfalfa/grass mixes, orchard, three-way, other grasses, and pellets depending on your horse's needs. Contact us  today to schedule a visit, or to learn about current openings and pricing.

Lease, partial lease, and lesson and lease program

Are you ready for a horse of your own?  We can help you find the perfect partner for your needs.  If you are ready to buy, we can assist in the process of finding your new best friend.  If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of ownership with the flexibility of a lease, we offer full and partial leases along with lesson and lease packages.  Partial leases start at $250 a month and are an incredible first step for families looking to experience the joy of having a horse in the family.  Contact us to learn more.